Oregon Keeps Streak Alive With New Ranking of Most Energy Efficient States

For the tenth year in a row, Oregon has ranked among the top 10 energy efficient states in the country by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy!

In a tough field, Oregon ranks #7, down from last year’s #5 spot. Our neighbor to the north, Washington, is just behind us at #8, and our neighbor to the South, California, tied for the #1 spot this year with Massachusetts.

Every other year, ACEEE also ranks the largest U.S. cities. This year, Portland landed in the top 10, with a #8 rank among 51 cities.

ACEEE reviews six policy areas for energy efficiency in their State Energy Efficiency Scorecard:

  • Utility and public benefits programs and policies
  • Transportation policies
  • Building energy codes
  • Combined heat and power policies
  • State government-led initiatives around energy efficiency
  • Appliance and equipment standards

aceee-rankAs the state’s Department of Energy, we’re proud to support policies and programs that focus on energy efficiency. ACEEE’s 2016 Oregon report shows how the state leads by example with our State Energy Efficiency Design (SEED) program for public buildings; with our public fleet policies for efficient, electric, or hybrid vehicles; and through many of the services we provide, including connecting agencies, schools, and municipalities with Energy Savings Performance Contractors that offer energy efficiency guidance.

Moving forward, Oregon will need to implement new, cutting-edge strategies and programs to advance in the top of ACEEE’s field. We think we’re up to the challenge!

Read more about ACEEE’s State Energy Efficiency Scorecard, and read Oregon’s ranked report.

2 thoughts on “Oregon Keeps Streak Alive With New Ranking of Most Energy Efficient States

  1. The part left out of this story is “At what cost to the citizens of the state? Nearly 100% of the energy produced in Oregon is “renewable”, but the politicians will not consider our hydro-power as renewable. We are a renewable energy exporter as we produce more energy than we use. Other states brag about how much renewable energy they use. Oregon resources and people suffer the consequences of huge wind and solar developments, pay extra taxes because of billion dollar subsidies the state provides, and the energy produced is sent to other states. At what point do Oregon taxpayers and resources get to use the energy we produce without sending it to other states?


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