Kids: Get Geeky With Energy

Are you looking for a fun summer energy activity? Or even – dare we say – a back-to-school energy activity? We’ve got you covered!

We invite parents, teachers, and kids to download these fun activities and learn something about energy along the way.

(Click on the images to save or print PDFs.)

Potato Battery


Fun for all ages, make a battery out of potatoes – or other fruits and veggies. You can power a small LED clock with just a few supplies.


Wind Turbine


A good activity for the younger crowd (with adult supervision): making your own paper wind turbine.


Solar Oven


The perfect summer activity for all ages: turn a pizza box into a solar oven and toast marshmallows!


Home Audit


A helpful tool for kids and parents alike is our handy Home Energy Audit. A few simple questions can help you figure out how efficient your home is.


Word Search


Test your word search skills with some easy and tough energy-related words. Not sure what a word means? Learn about energy in Oregon our website!

Psst – here are the answers.



Ideal for older kids, this crossword puzzle will challenge your energy knowledge – and maybe your spelling.

Psst – here are the answers.


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