Oregon Geothermal Working Group to meet November 18 in Lakeview


Diana Enright, 503-378-8278
Cliff Voliva, 503-378-3637

THIS MEETING HAS BEEN CANCELLED. We hope to reschedule it in the spring.
SALEM — Oregon’s current geothermal development in southern Oregon will be the focus of the next meeting of the Geothermal Working Group. Following the meeting, there will be an optional tour of a 3-megawatt geothermal power plant in Paisley operated by Surprise Valley Electric.

Scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 18 at Daly Middle School (South Wing) in Lakeview (906 S. 3rd St.), the Geothermal Working Group meeting begins at 9 a.m. and is open to the public. The meeting agenda includes presentations on the newly completed geothermal district heating project in Lakeview (school and hospital) and from a local greenhouse operator who is using geothermal energy.

The tour leaves Lakeview at 1 p.m. Paisley is 45 miles north of Lakeview on Highway 31.

To view the meeting agenda and the option to participate by telephone, please visit the Oregon Department of Energy online at http://www.oregon.gov/energy/RENEW/Geothermal/Pages/OGWG-Meetings.aspx

To request an interpreter for the hearing impaired, or accommodations for persons with disabilities, please contact Linda Ross at 503-378-6874. TTY users should call the Oregon Relay Service at 711.

About the Oregon Geothermal Working Group: The OGWG promotes the use of Oregon's geothermal resources for power generation and direct use. The Oregon Department of Energy leads the OGWG. The OGWG formed in November 2004 and includes representatives of utilities, government agencies, environmental groups, farming and rural interests, and geothermal industry developers.

About the Oregon Department of Energy: The Oregon Department of Energy reduces the long-term costs of energy for Oregonians. It provides tax credits, grants, loans, technical assistance and energy information for homeowners, businesses, manufacturers, farms, ranches, schools and governments.