EFSC to hold public hearing on proposed South Dunes Power Plant on Thursday in Coos Bay

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SALEM — This Thursday, Oregon’s Energy Facility Siting Council will hold a public hearing at Marshfield High School in Coos Bay on the Draft Proposed Order for the proposed South Dunes Power Plant. The hearing will be split into two identical sessions: 1-4:30 p.m. and 6 p.m. until all testimony is received.

The power plant, if approved, would be located on the north spit of Coos Bay and provide electricity for the planned Jordan Cove liquefied natural gas plant. Approval of the Jordan Cove LNG plant is under the jurisdiction of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, or FERC.

On May 27, the Oregon Department of Energy, which serves as staff to the Council, released the Draft Proposed Order that recommends approving the South Dunes facility. The public comment period on the Draft Proposed Order closes at the end of the June 25 hearing.

The format of the two sessions on June 25 will be identical; anyone wishing to comment can choose whichever session is more convenient. However, people do not need to attend the hearing to submit comments on the Draft Proposed Order. Written comments may be submitted prior to the public hearing by mail, email, hand-delivery or fax to the hearing officer, in care of:

Andrea Goodwin, Siting Analyst Oregon Department of Energy 625 Marion Street NE Salem, OR 97301 Email: SDP.Comments@state.or.us FAX: 503-373-7806

Following the public hearing, the Council will review the Draft Proposed Order and comments submitted on the record at its next regularly scheduled Council meeting. The next Council meeting is tentatively set for August 6-7.

The full agenda for the June meeting is available on the Oregon Department of Energy website: http://www.oregon.gov/energy/facilities-safety/facilities/Pages/Council-Meetings.aspx

To learn more about the proposed South Dunes plant, please see: http://www.oregon.gov/energy/facilities-safety/facilities/Pages/SDP.aspx

For general information about the EFSC siting process, please see: http://www.oregon.gov/energy/facilities-safety/facilities/Documents/Fact%20Sheets/Process%20Flowchart.pdf

To request an interpreter for the hearing impaired or accommodations for persons with disabilities, please contact the department at least 72 hours before the meeting at 1-800-221-8035 or fax 503-373-7806. TTY users should call the Oregon Relay Service at 711.


About the Oregon Department of Energy: The Oregon Department of Energy helps Oregonians improve the energy efficiency of their homes, provides policy expertise to prepare for Oregon’s future energy needs, staffs the Energy Facility Siting Council, provides technical and financial assistance to encourage investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy resources, promotes the cleanup of the Hanford nuclear site, and ensures state preparedness to respond to emergencies at energy facilities.

About ODOE’s Energy Facility Siting Division: Division staff support the work of the Energy Facility Siting Council. The Council has regulatory and siting responsibility for large electric generating facilities, many high voltage transmission lines, some gas pipelines, and radioactive waste disposal sites. The state’s energy facility siting process is based on 16 standards.