A New Energy Future


This morning, Governor Kate Brown joined 16 fellow U.S. governors to announce the Governors' Accord for a New Energy Future. The 17-member bipartisan coalition commits to taking action to promote clean energy, clean transportation choices, and a modern electrical grid.

"Efficient and innovative energy solutions are one way to help make Oregon's economy more productive and resilient," shared Governor Brown.

States in the Accord will seek to:

  • Diversify energy generation and expand clean energy sources
  • Modernize energy infrastructure
  • Encourage clean transportation options
  • Plan for energy transition
  • Work together to make transformational policy changes
  • Secure a stronger national energy future

We look forward to supporting our state in this important move into a new energy future!

Governor Brown's Announcement Governor's Accord for a New Energy Future 17 governors announce clean energy, transportation agreement Don Thompson in the Statesman Journal, February 16 2016