ODOE Helps Corvallis Vision Center Go Solar


Located in the heart of historic downtown Corvallis, the Corvallis Vision Center occupies a nearly century-old building on Southwest 3rd Street – and the business itself dates back to 1931! While the vision center holds a rich history, its energy and sustainability practices are embracing the future. Making a Difference

Dr. Doug Crotty served patients at the Corvallis Vision Center for 35 years before he sold his practice and became the center’s landlord. Before he left to enjoy his well-earned retirement, Dr. Crotty decided to improve his building’s energy footprint. “I want to do my part to stop climate change,” Dr. Crotty shared.

In 2012, he turned to the Oregon Department of Energy for a Renewable Energy Development Grant to help cover the cost of installing photovoltaic solar panels on the roof.

In addition to the Oregon Department of Energy, the Corvallis Vision Center also received grants from the USDA’s Rural Energy of America Program and Energy Trust of Oregon.

Saving Energy Dr. Crotty’s solar panels, installed by local contractor Solar Ki, produce about $1,550 worth of electricity each year. In the summer, the vision clinic’s electricity bill gets close to zero. The total cost of the renewable energy project was about $62,900. Thanks to incentive programs from the Oregon Department of Energy and our partners, the out-of-pocket cost for the historic Vision Center’s solar panels was just $15,725.

Supporting Oregon Businesses

“The programs provided by ODOE, Energy Trust, and REAP made our solar panels possible,” Dr. Crotty explains. “Without them, my business wouldn’t have seen the venture as a viable investment.”

Oregon Department of Energy staff provide energy expertise and advice for Oregon businesses that want to make a change. In addition to Renewable Energy Development grants, we also provide incentives for energy conservation and transportation projects, administer small-scale loans, and more. Call us at 1 (800) 221-8035 or visit our website to learn more: www.oregon.gov/energy.