Share Your Thoughts on ODOE and Oregon’s Energy Future


In July, our agency wrapped up a series of presentations to the Joint Committee on Department of Energy Oversight. The intent was to provide a thorough overview of everything ODOE does – from nuclear safety and energy efficiency assistance to helping with Oregon’s response to climate change. These presentations, plus detailed supporting materials, are all available on the Oregon Legislature’s website. We know they can't compete with the Olympics or binge-watching Game of Thrones, but they do share a lot of information about how we approach our responsibilities related to Oregon’s energy resources and energy future.

The Joint Committee is asking Oregonians to weigh in on what our agency should do and how we might be structured in the future. We hope you'll take time to learn more about our activities and share your thoughts with the committee.

All of our presentations are linked below. Complete the short survey from the Joint Committee by August 16:

Joint Committee Presentations ODOE Overview – January 2016 Nuclear Safety and Emergency Preparedness – March 2016 Energy Planning & Innovation – April 2016 Energy Facility Siting – May 2016 Energy Development Services – June 2016 Agency Administration – July 2016