Grounded Podcast: Charge Up & Go Forth

On this week’s podcast, we talk to Forth Executive Director Jeff Allen. Forth, formerly known as Drive Oregon, is helping Oregonians find alternative, low- or zero-emission transportation options.

Electric vehicles are becoming more affordable, with better battery range reaching 300 miles per charge. They also have lower maintenance costs and produce far fewer greenhouse gas emissions than petroleum-based cars.

In May, Forth opened its Electric Showcase – the first of its kind in the nation. At the Showcase, people can learn more about electric vehicles, charging options, and even take a no-pressure, brand-neutral electric car test drive!

Want to get a jump-start on finding which electric car might be right for you? Check out Forth’s DriveFinder. Answer a few questions about what you need in a car, and Forth will recommend electric cars to match your lifestyle.

Learn more about Forth on their website,, and join them on July 22 for their grand opening celebration.