Oregon Department of Energy Asks Oregonians to Help Shape Biennial Energy Report


Rachel Wray, 503-689-0294
Jennifer Kalez, 503-480-9239

SALEM - The Oregon Department of Energy launched a new online survey this week, asking Oregonians for feedback that will help the agency develop and publish a comprehensive energy report for the state.

The Oregon Legislature passed HB 2343 earlier this year, which tasks ODOE with producing a report every two years outlining energy resources, policies, trends, and forecasts in Oregon. It will cover all fuels and energy resources, span across utility territories, and evaluate how regional and national planning affects energy in Oregon. Ideally, the report will provide a solid foundation for decision-making about energy issues.

“Energy is a fast-paced and quickly-changing field,” said ODOE’s acting director Janine Benner. “We’re developing this new report to help Oregonians better understand the state’s energy landscape – not only the energy we make, buy, and use, but also how the decisions and policies we make as a state will shape Oregon’s energy future.”

ODOE staff have been working on mapping out what an energy report should look like, and the agency wants to make sure it also reflects what Oregonians want to know about how energy is produced, purchased, and used in the state. ODOE has launched a short online survey to gather feedback from stakeholders across Oregon: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ODOEBER.

“The seven-question survey should take just a few minutes to complete,” added Benner. “The information we’ll gather will help ensure we produce a report that is useful to every Oregonian – from electricity suppliers to energy policymakers to home and business consumers. We hope Oregonians will help us spread the survey far and wide.”

As the agency continues developing the report, updates will be published to ODOE’s website. A final report is expected by November 2018.