Grounded Podcast: NuScale’s New Scale for Nuclear

Grounded is back with a new season – and we are jumping right in with an interview with Dr. Jose Reyes, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer for NuScale Power.

NuScale was borne from research funded by the U.S. Department of Energy through Idaho National Environment & Engineering Laboratory, with support from Oregon State University. Today, the company is nearing certification from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for its small modular nuclear reactor technology.

What’s a small modular reactor? In this episode, Dr. Reyes explains the technology, how it’s different, and how it can provide more than just carbon-free power. He also discusses NuScale’s relationship with Oregon State University’s stellar engineering department, and how NuScale’s energy work could benefit Oregon.

Learn more about NuScale:

NuScale Reactor Building Cross-sectional

NuScale Reactor Building Cross-sectional


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Music: “If” by Broke for Free.

Photos courtesy of NuScale.