Oregon's Biennial Energy Report is Taking Shape!


The Oregon Legislature has charged the Oregon Department of Energy with developing a comprehensive report on the state's energy outlook. The first edition of our new Biennial Energy Report is due November 2018. We'll publish the report every two years. To prepare for our upcoming publication date, over the past six months, the Oregon Department of Energy has:

  • Sought input and guidance from people across Oregon. So far, more than 300 people have offered their thoughts, requests, and recommendations. This input helps us focus on issues important to Oregonians.
  • Used that feedback to develop a draft table of contents to help ensure the report includes information of interest to readers.
  • Begun compiling components of the report and evaluating industry data.

As we continue our work, it's a good time to check in with Oregonians about our progress. Visit our Biennial Energy Report webpage to take a look at the draft table of contents and offer feedback.

Are we covering the areas you're most interested in? Do you have suggestions for us as we build out these high-level topics?

Please share your two cents, and let us know of any interesting stories of how some of these critical energy topics are being addressed by businesses, nonprofits, or local governments near you. We won't be able to incorporate all suggestions, but we will certainly learn from them.

We'd love your comments by May 15, 2018. To offer feedback: askenergy@oregon.gov.