ODOE announces $400,000 in grants to improve energy efficiency in schools

Rachel Wray, 503-689-0294
Cliff Voliva, 503-378-3637


SALEM — The Oregon Department of Energy announced today $400,000 in new grant funding for energy saving projects in Oregon K‐12 public schools. The grant funding is the latest phase of the agency’s Cool Schools program, which helps school districts across Oregon increase energy efficiency, reduce energy use and costs, and improve learning environments.

This one-time grant funding is being offered to help school districts move forward with “deep-dive” energy retrofits. Grants will be available through a competitive process open to schools across Oregon. In addition to grants, the ODOE Cool Schools team will offer schools districts business and technical assistance, and help identifying energy conservation projects.

In the upcoming legislative session, ODOE will ask the Legislature to consider expanding the grant program to reduce financial barriers for schools pursuing energy efficiency projects. Senate Bill 260 would make more than $13 million in grants available to Oregon schools.

For more information about Cool Schools Phase 5, including the grant opportunity announcement, please visit www.oregon.gov/energy/schools/cool_schools or contact the Cool Schools team at 503-378-4040 orCool.Schools@state.or.us.

Cool Schools is a voluntary, four-year pilot program designed to accelerate energy efficiency investments in all of Oregon’s 197 public school districts. Since the pilot began in 2011, more than $16 million in energy saving projects have been completed. Participating districts are now avoiding $669,000 in energy costs each year.

The program provides a combination of technical and business assistance, and leverages financial resources such as the Small-scale Energy Loan Program, to support project development. Cool Schools is a complementary effort for the public schools in PGE and Pacific Power territory that receive public purpose charge funds for required energy audits and measures.

About the Oregon Department of Energy: The Oregon Department of Energy reduces the long-term costs of energy for Oregonians. It provides tax credits, grants, loans, technical assistance and energy information for homeowners, businesses, manufacturers, farms, ranches, schools and governments.