2015: the Year of the Ductless Heat Pump


In 2015, our Residential Energy Tax Credit program helped Oregon homeowners and renters make 14,873 energy efficient improvements to their homes - from solar panels and alternative vehicle fuel systems to heat pumps and woodstoves. Installing ductless heat pumps proved to be most popular last year, representing 30 percent of all RETC-qualified improvements. Ductless heat pumps provide heating and cooling directly from the outdoors into your home, without using a central air system or ductwork. They are a cost-effective option for older homes, like those with baseboard heating.

Homeowners or renters can apply for a tax credit on their personal Oregon income taxes for purchasing energy-efficient products and energy systems for their homes. Over nearly 40 years, we have issued more than 570,000 tax credits to Oregon residents. Our residential programs have saved or displaced enough energy to serve about 400,000 homes for an entire year!

Learn more about our residential programs online: http://www.oregon.gov/energy/At-Home/Pages/default.aspx