ODOE Pedals Through May's Bike More Challenge


We are halfway through the 2017 Bike More Challenge, and Oregon Department of Energy riders are steadily logging miles! The Bike More Challenge is a competition among colleagues, friends, and family to ride as many miles on your bike as possible in the month of May.

Riding your bike – and encouraging others to ride – will earn points for yourself and your team. Not to mention, you can win great prizes. Logging just one day on your bike will earn you free chips and guacamole at Chipotle. Dozens of other prizes are up for grabs, including a pakiT folding bike.

Riding your bike is good for your health and for your community!

  • Get in a workout on your way to work. Cycling get your blood flowing, and boosts your brain, heart, and lungs.
  • Riding a bike instead of driving saves energy and cuts greenhouse gas emissions. Cars produce almost a pound of pollution per mile – bikes produce zero!
  • Using a bike to run errands can also have economic benefits. You’re more likely to shop locally at your neighborhood small businesses.
  • Taking cars off the road and replacing them with bikes also cuts down on traffic... and idling cars in rush hour. Plus, you’ll breeze by traffic jams.
  • Building a bike uses fewer natural resources than making cars, such as rubber from plants for tire materials.

Ready to start riding? It’s not too late to join in the Bike More Challenge – plus, May is starting to look a bit sunnier. Helmets on, safety gear ready go to: visit www.lovetoride.net/oregon to get started.