Energy Facility Siting Council To Meet May 16-17 In Condon

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SALEM — Proposed changes to three wind farms – two in the planning stages and one already operating – will be the main topics on the agenda at the next Oregon Energy Facility Siting Council meeting May 16-17 in Condon. The public meeting begins Thursday at 3:30 p.m. at Hotel Condon, 202 S. Main St.

The main items on the Council’s agenda:

Montague Wind Power Facility (Gilliam County): The Council will hold three separate agenda items for this proposed facility. Agenda Item B is a presentation on the Draft Proposed Order on Request for Amendment 4. (See website for details of the amendment request). Agenda Item C is the public hearing for that draft order. And finally, during Agenda Item F, the Council will review public comments received and deliberate on the substance of the draft proposed order on the amendment request.

Stateline Wind Project (Umatilla County): The Council will review the Proposed Order on Request for Amendment 5 of the Stateline Wind Project site certificate. Request for Amendment 5 is specific to Stateline 3 and seeks approval to change the name to Vansycle II and repower 43 existing wind turbines, which includes replacing existing rotors (blades and hub) and gearbox (nacelles). Wind turbine repowering would increase the maximum blade tip height from 416 to 440 feet and rotor diameter from 305 to 354 feet, and would lower the minimum aboveground blade tip clearance from 111 to 85 feet. The amendment request also seeks approval for construction of temporary laydown and access roads, and new and amended conditions. The Council will either adopt, modify, or reject the proposed order as the final order.

Summit Ridge Wind Farm (Wasco County): The Council will first consider requests for contested case on the Proposed Order on Request for Amendment 4 of the site certificate. The amendment request seeks a two-year extension of the construction and completion deadlines. If Council accepts the contested case request(s), it will direct a contested case to be conducted. If Council denies the contested case request(s), Council will proceed to review the Proposed Order on Amendment 4 and will either adopt, modify, or reject the proposed order as the final order.

The full meeting agenda and materials are available on the ODOE website:

The next Council meetings are tentatively scheduled for June 18 (Ontario), June 19 (Baker City) and June 20 (La Grande). These dates and locations were selected primarily to conduct public hearings on the draft proposed order of the planned Boardman to Hemingway Transmission Line. Hearings resume the following week on June 26 (Pendleton) and June 27 (Boardman).

To request an interpreter for the hearing impaired or accommodations for persons with disabilities, please contact the department at least 72 hours before the meeting at 1-800-221-8035 or fax 503-373-7806. TTY users should call the Oregon Relay Service at 711.