Klamath County

Population: 66,935 (2017)

County Seat: Klamath Falls

Energy Utilities:

  • Midstate Electric Cooperative

  • Pacific Power

  • Cascade Natural Gas

  • Avista

How do Klamath County residents heat their homes?


Did you know?

The Klamath Falls area is well-known for its geothermal heat resources. Buildings, outdoor swimming pools, and even sidewalks are toasty warm (and free of snow) year-round thanks to geothermal heat. Local university Oregon Tech is heated with geothermal energy beneath the campus — and the Geo-Heat Center on campus offers resources for others looking to capture the earth’s heat.

Klamath County is also home to a 525-megawatt cogeneration plant and a 95-megawatt natural gas plant, both owned by Avangrid Renewables.


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